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Today, it is difficult to imagine a company without its IT infrastructure and in particular management applications. At the same time, risks that could cause a drop in systems have not vanished. 

The BCIRC (Business Continuity Insurance and Risk Club) is an African and Middle-East community sharing news, feedbacks and all sorts of information about business continuity, disaster recovery plans, crisis management... 

We recognize the importance of this new state of mind to ensure a high availability of our critical data, or at least minimize the damage caused by risks such as fire, flood, cuts of electricity, virus attacks, workers strikes, pandemics, crush disk, etc.  

Do you feel safe? Have you ever been affected? Do you have the best backups? Are you prepared if you are forced to live in such situations? 

More you equip informational supports (IT, Software, Data Centers, Facilities, HR,..) more you are vulnerable to several risks at once. 

In this club, we will exchange articles, video presentations, webinars and templates on the following themes:

·         Awareness about business continuity.

·         Maturity levels of business continuity.

·         Standards and ISO 22301.

·         Differences and similarities between ISO 22301 and ISO 27001.

·         Business continuity for SMEs.

·         Ethics in business continuity.

·         The various threats.

·         A benchmark on business continuity solutions in the world.

·         Business continuity for the industrial sector.

·         Business continuity for the telecom sector.

·         Business continuity to the logistics and distribution sectors.

·         Business continuity for the professional services sector.

·         Business continuity for the financial sector.

·         Business continuity for the energy sector.

·         Business continuity for other sectors (administration, education, health, etc.).

·         Involvement of software integrators in the business continuity of their clients.

·         Involvement integrators materials in the business continuity of their clients.

·         Involvement of network integrators in the business continuity of their clients.

·         Involvement integrators Datacenters in business continuity for their customers.

·         Implementation of programs and projects in business continuity with PMI best practices. 

You can post your questions, concerns, other themes or ideas.

We will also make use of external information from worldwide experts in this field:

• http://www.cirmagazine.com/cir/index.php

• http://www.drj.com/

• http://www.clubpca.eu/index.php 

Find the BCIRC and communicate with us on:

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• Viadeo

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Ramy Mohammed

Security & Business Continuity Consultant

CEO - ISQuality